“You are beautiful. Beautiful, fragile, human skin.”


↳ Arthur Darvill

"If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more"


the doctor will see you now..

Doctor Who business card series 01

She’s just the weirdest person in the world. And she’s, like, SO pretty, but what’s amazing about Karen is that her beauty is not part of her personality at all. She’s so unaware of it. You know how some people are really beautiful and they go, “oh, I’m beautiful,” but she’s really not, and she’s really funny and really ridiculous.

There were laws. Laws of time. Once upon a time there were people in charge of those laws but they died. They all died. Do you know who that leaves? Me! It’s taken me all these years to realise the laws of time are mine and they will obey me!


Say something, I’m giving up on you

"Say Something" by A Great Big World featChristina Aguilera

I’ve seen many things, my friend. But you’re right. Nothing’s quite as wonderful as the things you see.